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Set up Spectacles with a Self-Hosted GitLab Instance

Spectacles supports integration with self-hosted GitLab instances. This guide outlines the steps necessary to set up Spectacles with a self-hosted GitLab instance.

Creating an Application in GitLab

To facilitate the integration with a self-hosted GitLab instance, an application must be created within your GitLab environment. This application will allow Spectacles to communicate with your GitLab instance securely.

Please follow the instructions provided by GitLab to add an application. When creating your application in GitLab, ensure the following:

  • The application requires the "api" scope to function correctly.
  • Set the redirect URL to "". This URL is necessary for the integration to work properly.

Coordinating with Spectacles Support

After setting up the application in GitLab, you will need to coordinate with Spectacles support to complete the integration process. Please provide Spectacles support with the Client ID and Client Secret generated by your GitLab application. These credentials are essential for establishing a secure connection between Spectacles and your self-hosted GitLab instance.

Alternative Integration via API

If creating a GitLab application is not feasible for your organization, you can still kick-off Spectacles run with the Spectacles API. For more information on integrating Spectacles via our API, please refer to our API documentation or contact Spectacles support for assistance.