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Integrating with GitHub

If you use GitHub as a remote repository for your Looker project, Spectacles can run designated Suites when Pull Requests are opened.

Spectacles requires the following permissions:

  • Read access to metadata and pull requests
  • Read and write access to commit statuses, repository hooks, and workflows

This access is at repository level, so you can choose to only grant it to the relevant Looker project repositories.

  1. From Settings, click Connect to GitHub. A GitHub OAuth popup will appear. You may need to login.

  2. You should see your GitHub organisation with a button to the right. Click it to grant or request access.


    Depending on your GitHub organisation settings, the button will either show Grant or Request. If the button shows Request, a GitHub organisation Admin will need to review and approve the request after you click it.

  3. Once the integration has been set up, you can choose Pull Request triggers for any Suites. Spectacles will add a webhook to the respository.

You can verify that the integration was configured successfully by going to the corresponding GitHub repository, clicking Settings, then Webhooks and confirming there is a pull_reequest webhook in place for